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Articles & Documents


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Katyn Forest Massacre
Photographs of the Katyn Forest massacre location near Smolensk where in the Spring of 1940 Soviet Union's NKVD murdered thousands of Polish POW officers. Most of these photographs were taken by the Germans and published in: Der Massenmord in Walde von Katyn Ein Tatsachenbericht (The Massacre in the Katyn Forest an Examination of the Evidence), Germany, 1943.

Genocide of Poles by Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)
Selection of photographic documentation of genocide committed by Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) on Christian Poles in the eastern territories of Poland during the German occupation 1942-1944. All photographs and captions: Korman, Aleksander. Genocide of UIA on the Polish People. Wydawnictwo Nortom, Wroclaw 2003.


Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum
The official website of the State Memorial and Museum.

Electronic Museum
Unique collection of information, documents, photographs related, among others, to Katyn massacre and Soviet deportations of Polish nationals to Siberia during 1939-1941.

Escaping Hell
A personal story of the Polish underground member who endured five years in German/Nazi concentration camps in Auschwitz and Buchenwald.

The General Langfitt Story
Polish refugees in Australia recount their experiences of Soviet deportations to Siberia, exile, dispersal and resettlement.

Hitler's Plans for Eastern Europe
German genocidal WWII policies and plans for Poland and Eastern Europe. A Northeastern University's Holocaust Awareness Committee web page containing selections from Janusz Gumkowkski and Kazimierz Leszczynski book Poland Under Nazi Occupation.

Kresy Siberia Group
Dedicated to researching, remembering and recognising the Polish citizens deported, enslaved and killed by the Soviet Union during World War II.

The Last Expression Art and Auschwitz
The online exhibition of art created by the Auschwitz inmates. It contains essays, interviews with survivor artists, artist biographies and a search page to search the archive of art.

National Stutthof Museum
Stutthof, a German/Nazi camp, established mainly for extermination of Polish intelligentsia from incorporated into Germany Danzig and Pomorze Regions.

Nazi Medical Experiments in Ravensbruck
A case study of WWII German/Nazi pseudo-medical experiments conducted on 74 Polish political prisoners in women's concentration camp in Ravensbruck. Contains detailed information about the experiments, the victims and the perpetrators, the aftermath: Nazi doctors at the Nuremberg trial, bibliography and related website links.

Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims
Website explores the history of 5 million non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust including Poles, Gypsies, Jehovah Witnesses, disabled, homosexuals, Afro-Europeans. Includes articles, personal stories, photographs, related book and video listings.

Polish Institute for National Remembrance
The primary state institution in Poland responsible for: prosecuting the crimes committed against Polish citizens during the 1939-1988; managing the archives, and providing public education.

Red Run the Vistula: The Warsaw Uprising of 1944
An American RadioWorks hour-long radio documentary about the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. In addition to program's streaming audio and its transcript, it includes photographs, testimonies, and list of resources.

Saving Jews: Righteous Poles
Well-researched database of Polish Christians who during WWII (1939-1945) lost their lives saving Polish Jews as well as the list of the Polish rescuers recognized by Yad Vashem as 'Righteous Among the Nations'.

The Soviet Invasion of Poland During WWII
Website explores the fate of Polish citizens who, as a result of the Hitler-Stalin pact of August 1939, lived under the Soviet occupation of Eastern Poland between September 17, 1939 and June 21, 1941. An estimated 1.7 million Polish citizens were deported to Siberian gulags, out of which, 1.2 million never returned.

State Museum at Majdanek
The official website of the State Museum at Majdanek, place of the second largest German/Nazi death camp in Europe after Auschwitz.

Warsaw Uprising 1944
Has comprehensive materials on the Warsaw Uprising 1944 including photographs, movie clips, timeline, FAQs, witness testimonies, resource page listing related books, documents, articles, videos, links to relevant websites, etc.