Project InPosterum [Latin – for the future], a nonprofit, public benefit corporation established in 2004 in California with the following purpose: "The corporation is organized for the specific purpose of preserving and popularizing selected subjects of World War II history and its aftermath with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. The goals will be achieved through facilitating the growth and development of online and traditional publishing resources of related documents and information for the general public with a special attention toward students."  

Current Projects

Warsaw Uprising 1944 [] ] An online presentation of photographs, film clips, documents, memoirs, personal accounts, and related event materials. The project involves conducting research, digitizing documents and photographs, collecting and translating testimonies, as well as providing support for projects promoting the subject of the Warsaw Uprising in educational programs and media.

Zegota [] ] An online presentation of materials related to rescuing Jews in German-occupied Poland, with an emphasis on the history of Zegota, the Council to Aid Jews. The project involves collecting testimonies, photographs, and documents related to both the rescued and the rescuers.

Saving Jews [] ] An online database of Polish Christians who lost their lives saving Jews during World War II, as well as the Polish rescuers of Jews recognized by Yad Vashem as the Righteous Among the Nations. Project InPosterum is a custodian of the web site.

Translating Memoirs Translating from Polish to English testimonies and memoirs of the Warsaw Uprising veterans.


Project InPosterum